Down Syndrome

On March 21, 2013 I offered three 21 minute sessions to families that had a child of any age that had Down Syndrome for free. It was World Down Syndrome Day and I felt compelled to offer sessions and start getting involved with this community. My only regret is that I had waited so long to do something. One of my uncles happened to have Down Syndrome and I loved the bond that we shared. I loved getting to know all of the quirks that were specific to him, and how he communicated with others. He just meant so much to me and that’s why I finally decided to offer photographing people of all ages with Down Syndrome, so that their families would not have to worry about the pricing of portraits on top of all of the therapies and other expenses they have.

I had no idea that I would have so many requests for these sessions, I think I wound up doing six sessions that year. The following year was the first WDSD without my dear uncle and I was due with our sweet boy (to be named after him) around March 21st, so I offered free sessions on my uncle’s birthday. I was shocked with the requests for the sessions. Completely amazed! There were so many people asking about these sessions, and I wasn’t about to say no, that I asked in the local photography community if anyone would like to assist me in taking the images and then I’d edit and send out the galleries. There were about 20 families that day.

My family then moved from Alabama to England. I had the honor and privilege of getting to know that community and then decided that only one day each year of photographing people with Down Syndrome was not enough. I began photographing these sessions all year long.

We’ve now moved to Dayton, Ohio and I have been able to meet amazing people connected to two amazing organizations in the area to serve families of children with Down Syndrome. One of them is located in Dayton,, the other is located in Cincinnati, I love offering these completely FREE sessions along with the edited images to these families. I love serving them in any way that I possibly can all year long. And I look forward to the 3.21 miles each year on World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st each year as well as the Buddy Walk in September each year to help raise awareness for Down Syndrome.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment any time for your loved one or to pass along to a friend or family member. I would absolutely love to meet you and capture these portraits for you.