Senior,  Styled


Makenna’s senior session was a lot of fun to do. She is a graduate of Springboro High School which is a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. She allowed me to help her with curling her hair before we left to go start her session, and she did her own makeup. We stopped at a gorgeous little flower shop and asked if we could use their business for a few minutes, they were so kind and allowed us to be there. I wouldn’t dare do something like that without asking first.

Then we went to another location and changed outfits. Her red romper was perfect for contrast with the black eyed susans on one side of the path, then her fuchsia pants popped against the Queen Anne’s lace on the other side of the path. I love how one location can offer so many different wildflowers in a small space.

Again, I love senior sessions. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I hope I’m helping each young lady realize just how beautiful they are and helping them to feel confident in who they are to face the next steps of their future. Beauty isn’t everything unless it’s more than skin deep, as it is with Makenna. She’s an intelligent, funny, and caring young lady. I’m so glad to know her and her family.

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